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May 9th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Cooling Her Pussy By The Roadside

Her car overheated and broke down. She was taking a “shortcut” way the heck north of The City, and she’s very lost, somewhere on a state highway to nowhere. She doesn’t even realize she’s flashing her pussy at her passenger, as she stands there in the brutal sunshine, staring at the road map and flapping her tiny dress to cool off:

cooling her pussy on a hot highway

I believe this is actress (née Camille Donatacci), perhaps from a Playboy pictorial.

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May 8th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Underwater Blowjob: She’s Fast!

I don’t know if this submerged fellatrix is just so good she can get this guy off in the time it takes her to grow weary of periodically bobbing back to the surface to gasp another quick breath, or whether he’s kind of a one-pump chump at the best of times. But either way, the underwater blowjob has got to be a tricky thing to accomplish:

underwater blowjob art

Artwork is by Bill Ward.

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May 7th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Stripping Through The Pandemic

pandemic stripper tent

Late last month, the Lucky Devil Lounge (a Portland strip club) decided to spice up their pandemic takeout-food service by setting up . They were shooting to give everybody two good dances in the time it took to fill each patron’s food order:

I don’t know Portland strip club rules, and the news articles I found did not expound, so I can’t say whether the nipples stayed covered at all times, or just for the benefit of newspaper photographers.

masked stripper

apocalypse stripper on a pole

apocalypse strippers

drive through pandemic stripper collects a tip

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May 6th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

The Many Uses Of VR Porn

easy lazy orgasms with VR porn

好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载When you take your first and shallowest glance at the phenomenon of virtual reality porn, you might conclude that it has only one purpose: getting off. Having orgasms. But I call that shallow thinking, because cataloging the deeper folds and wrinkles of human sexuality is a huge part of the ErosBlog mission. Everybody relevant to this discussion wants orgasms. The interesting question, from my point of view, is what does bring to the party?

wanking and watching vr porn

Some of the standard “W” questions from journalism will help us explore the value of virtual reality porn. Who uses VR porn? What do they do with it? When and where do they use it? And why do they enjoy it? Since I’m not an actual journalist, I’m cheating here. I don’t remotely attempt to answer any of these questions. Instead, I’m just publishing illustrative bits of hentai porn showing imaginary people enjoying VR porn programming. But I suppose I should also acknowledge that we live in a world where “real” journalists are much more likely to publish ten thousand scare stories answering the question nobody asked: what are the risks of VR porn? There aren’t any such risks, of course. The closest I could come in my deep collection of dirty anime is this joke image that warns against losing track of your situational awareness. You can, apparently, have a surprisingly realistic好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载 encounter if you’re so lost in your VR porn, there under your headset, that you don’t notice someone sneaking into your bedroom:

vr porn and a bedroom intruder

Doubtless there are, at least in the realms of minoritarian fantasy, many non-traditional uses of VR porn. Here, it would seem, is a scenario that’s not primarily focused on the user’s pleasure. Apparently those shadowy gentlemen who control the world supply of human milk produced by unfortunate “hucows” have discovered that a constant stream of raunchy virtual porn keeps their captive producers happy, thereby increasing the production of black-market neo-dairy products:

vr porn stimulates hucow milk production

Of course we already knew that horny young gentlemen with serious catgirl fetishes have to take extraordinary measures. It should come as no surprise that any plausible sex doll can become a catgirl if there’s sufficiently good catgirl porn playing inside the headset:

vr catgirl

好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载If we drop back for a moment to the idea that VR porn is just about getting off, there remains room for nuance. Does VR porn make orgasms easier, or does it make them better by enabling new masturbation routines? Maybe both, but strategies clearly differ. Nobody could doubt that this self-proclaimed vibrator slut would have gotten off with her wand vibrator even if she didn’t have her favorite porn flashing in her eyes, so we must assume it helps her cum harder, or perhaps faster:

vibrator slut has better orgasms with VR porn

Whereas this advanced practitioner appears to be exploring the semi-mythical practice of “thinking off” or achieving orgasm without touching herself. An AI-guided assortment of VR porn images carefully tailored to her psyche and fantasies seems to be helping her accomplish that tricky sexual business, which might have been totally impossible for her without the VR assistance:

touchless orgasms under the vr porn rig

好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载As VR porn technology gets better and cheaper and more available, I’m eager to see how many of these hentai fantasies become part of everybody’s common sexual practice.

badoink vr banner

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May 4th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Lady Godiva, In Polite Company

好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载Maybe she takes the game too seriously. But Lady Godiva wants to win!

nude on a hobbyhorse playing Lady Godiva in a game of charades

Cartoon is from the February 1955 issue of Comedy.

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May 2nd, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Quality Couch Time

After too long locked indoor with each other, sometimes you just want a little quiet time. Paige wants to read a book, but Violet won’t leave her alone:

好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载Paige doesn’t mind — much — but she also doesn’t shrink from womanhandling her horny roommate and deploying technology to get back to her book faster.

Photos are from , via .

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April 30th, 2020 -- by Bacchus

An Approach To Sex Education

Look. “See, then do” is one way to approach sex education. It’s probably not a good way, mind you, but it’s a way:

young man with his dick in his hands while topless teacher gives him sex instruction

Artwork is from the cover好运来飞艇人工免费计划下载 of Teacher’s Teasing Lips (Greenleaf/Patch Pockets 1986, PP-7417).

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