Dr. Faustus recently called my attention to a phenomenon that’s occasioned numerous salacious newspaper and internet headlines in recent years: the practice for some few recent decades in rural Taiwan of or on vehicles called “electric flower carts” in funeral processions. In truth, the reality seems rather more tame than the headlines. Despite diligent searching, I was unable to find a single image in Google or on YouTube featuring actual nudity. Does that tell us more about the funeral performances, or about the culturally-restricted media through which I am learning about them? I wish I knew.

Although quite a few flashy moments of exotic funeral dancing can be found out there buried under the turgid narration of various news and entertainment presenters, I was less successful at finding unfiltered video. The best I could do was this one bit of cell-phone video where the exotic dancers are seen to prance fairly tamely about the casket in their nice undies:

Quite honestly, I think if I were the one whose departure was being so festively celebrated, I’d rather have the marching band:

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